Keeps Fish Fresh!

Keeping fish fresh means keeping them cold or keeping them alive.  If you fish from the bank or a small boat then live-wells and large coolers may not be an option,  this is where the LUCKY-7 shines.  The LUCKY-7 holds large fish securely, it can also hold more than one smaller fish on each snap.

l7 orange BUY

Serious Tackle for the Dedicated Angler

  • Made in the USA

  • Ideal for Bank Fishing and Small Water Craft.

  • 7 Extreme Duty Stainless Steel Snaps, made from .094 inch wire.

  • Salt Water Grade Brass Swivel

  • Nylon Paracord has Reflective Tracer, easy to see with a flashlight at night

  • 12 Foot Total Length, snaps evenly spaced on the first 3 feet

  • Holds BIG-ASS fish securely!